A Fox I Made (Please Give Constructive Criticism!)

Hi! First time posting here.

I drew some pixel art not too long ago today, and something seems… Off.
I like the end product, but the face looks odd to me. Please give what ever
criticism you can.

Thank you, Tam

The first thing I noticed is how skinny the neck is; it doesn’t look proportionally correct with the head and body. Widening it helps bridge the head and body in a more natural way.

Beyond that, everything else is simply a matter of taste. I made a quick before-and-after animation illustrating how I would touch it up to my liking.


If I were to take it a bit further, I’d add some highlights to give the eyes and nose some “pop”.


These are just my opinions, of course, so feel free to treat them as such. Great work, otherwise. :+1:


Thanks for the advice!