A little love for slices

Slices have been incredibly useful for my current project which uses a sprite-sheet with over 850 individual textures.
However, using slices can sometimes feel a little clunky compared to other features, so here are a few things I think could be cool to add.

1- The ability to select slices, then hold shift to add another area of slices to that selection as you can with the regular selection tool.

2- The ability to use the arrow keys to move selected slices 1px a time, like you can with regular selections.

3- The ability to copy/paste selected slices, like you can with regular selections.

4- Showing the dimensions of a slice in the bottom info bar when resizing an existing slice. (Currently the dimensions are only shown when creating a new slice.)

5- The ability to hold shift when resizing an existing slice to constrain its shape to a square. (Currently this only works when creating a new slice.)

6- The ability to change the border color of multiple slices in a selection without merging all of their text user data into that of one item within your selection. (This is especially important for using this [ [Script] Export slices by groups as individual images ] plug-in, which uses individual slice text user data to define each slice’s saved file directories independent to their border color.)

Thanks for your consideration! :blush:


I just had to move a good chunk of my picture and I had to manually move the slices with the mouse to put them at the exact new matching position. With Shift + arrow keys to advance by grid increments, it would be very easier to move them at the same place.

Alternatively, a special option for the Move tool to also move slices that are completely or partially inside selection would be even better and do all the work at once!

I quick whipped up a slice-editing script here:

Like the Readme file says, I recommend not using slices until bug fixes make them more stable. But I realize that people will use them anyway, so, caveat emptor.

The script does not include all the features mentioned by OP, and would never be as convenient as built-in features. But, at time of writing, it includes nudge keys that respond to snap to grid. If enabled, slices snap based on their top-left corner, otherwise they move in steps of 1. The hotkeys are Alt+W, Alt+A, Alt+S and Alt+D on Windows.

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Thanks, this shall be useful. For my particular case, I’ll have to add a Move by parameter so I can move by a certain amount of pixels at once. I could probably copy the existing (Inset) Amount parameter, however I’d rather use a numerical field for more precise definition than a slider gauge (I had a similar issue with the Opacity slider gauge Input layer opacity value with numerical input so I prefer thinking ahead now).