Accidental dragging of layer when picking layer

Hi, when I press V and then click (with the pen) to select a layer from the canvas, I end up accidentally dragging the layer. With the stylus, it’s hard to just click without dragging. Is it possible to have a different way to pick layers without dragging? For example: hold X and then click. (Krita has something like that, by the way). Cheers

hi @seguso and welcome.

the only other way to select layers, apart from clicking them in the layer panel, is using the next layer and previous layer keyboard shortcuts. Naturally this only works well if your layers have sensible names and you know which layer you want to select. Assuming you keep your left hand near the keyboard while drawing, customize these commands with your own shortcuts, alt-a and alt-z respectively, to make them more accessible.

the alternative is to undo ctrl-z if you accidentally moved the layer. the layer stays selected after the undo.

coincidentally hold the command/control key while clicking, instead of pressing V. it selects the layer and then switches back to the previous tool you were using.

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Thanks wesbot. That’s nice. More handy than pressing two keys.

Too bad it doesn’t solve the accidental dragging. I guess I was asking for a new feature, a new checkbox “only select layers, don’t drag”.

PS My layers don’t have names. I got hundreds of them.