Add a Keyboard Shortcut for each Timeline Position

Hey there. I use Aseprite on a fairly standard averaged sized 1080p monitor, so depending on the project I’m working on, at times I have to move the position of the timeline around fairly regularly so as to maximize/optimize my view of my art.

At the moment, it is only possible to change its position by having the timeline open, clicking the Options button (with the little sliders) and then at the top of that menu is the Timeline position selector. I’d love to be able to set a keyboard shortcut to each of these buttons/timeline positions so I can improve my workflow, and navigate it around the borders of my screen easier.

And a second, semi-related idea, by the way:

For similar problematic reasons as the first suggestion, I’d love to be able to hide and move the color palette just the same way as the timeline (KB shortcuts and all). Ideally it’d be free to snap around the UI the same way open tabs (files) do, but I’d settle for being able to anchor it to the right or left, or hide it independently. Maybe the entire toolbar (on the right) could swap places/mirror with the color palette?

Thanks so much for reading.
And thank you for making such a powerful and convenient and amazing tool! I use it every single day!