Add essential Memo/Notes functionality (maybe via Slices)

I badly want to have rectangle-based multiline Memo/Notes which would allow free text editing inside this rectangle at any time (and multiline, yes) with also possibility to rasterize it if you want. This will make Aseprite very valuable in art/game design by allowing easy comments / fixing comments.

Maybe this functionality could be added to Slices by Right clicking on them and selecting “Edit text” (it should be first option) to activate over-slice multiline text mini editor (blinking cursor, foreground color used, left & top align only, single font defaulted to Aseprite pixel font and changable from Slice Properties).

And also want “Duplicate” option in slice context menu. Together with possibility to select next slice when they stacked by repeated clicks without dragging (move slice only if dragged at least some minimum distance).

Also slices are very strange when edited at different frames. They may share or may not share properties between frames and it’s unknown why and how to change it. When making new slice rectangle it’s drawn with black color unseen on black backgrounds. They cannot be moved/resized on frames before frame at which they were created. Really strange behaviours. I consider it buggy.

well i dont know abou what you’re saying but im pretty sure creating a memo/note in a frame was alredy suggested