Additional animation directions

Currently we have three animation directions:

  • Forward - run forward and loop forever),
  • Reverse - run from last frame and loop forever,
  • Ping-Pong - first-last-first-last-… and loop forever.

What I’d like is the option to create animations that do not loop, without having to depend on something in frame/cel userdata (having tag userdata would be nice too). So, at least, one additional direction::

  • Forward - single pass/no loop.
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I think having a general loop toggle as tag metadata would be even more useful, and it would make more sense because looping is not a direction, and in Aseprite and in most other tools, looping is independent of direction.

For now, the way to disable looping in Aseprite is to enable “Play Once” on the play button (right-click it for the options), but this is just for the player, it’s not permanent metadata. For animations to import into engines, where you need metadata, it seems a common solution is to put a prefix on the tag name, such as “Loop_” or “L_”, so that engines know to loop those tags and not others.

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