ALT Eyedropper Tool Moves Selection

When having a selection (using the ‘M’ move tool), if that selection was moved at all during the selection, and the eyedropper tool (Alt) is used, the whole selection moves. If the ‘M’ selection hasn’t been moved, it functions properly.

Demonstration gif here

It makes color selection really difficult when moving around parts, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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hi, JDZombi. yes, this is a bit confusing behaviour.
i was looking into it and i didn’t find the way how to avoid it.

but here’s what you can do: after you move the selection, you enter some sort of transform mode. to prevent moving selection by alt+mouse click, you have to confirm the transformation here (or by hitting enter):

also, you can hit ctrl+t (or other shortcut assigned to ‘edit → transform’). however, this action will crop the selection area to the cel image boundaries. so that might not be what you want.

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ooo I see, as long as I hit enter between movements, I can avoid having to re-make the selection.

It’s a slight extra step, but it will at least make things a bit easier as a workaround :smiley: thank you so much!

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this is a bug, its not only present in moving but tranforsming and rotating, i opened a thread about it but no one noticed plese like the thread and like it so we can get more leverage gor the bug to be fixed

as a heads up in the moving part it will move acording to the grid were you are selecting

Hi @JDZombi, this issue is already fixed for the next release (I hope this week):


You are wonderful, thanks for the heads up! @dacap

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thank god.