Animation Problems

I’m trying to break up my sprite into separate body parts in order to animate them separately and not cause any perspective issues. I tried breaking them up using the Marquee tool, exporting the png, and cropping each body part in order to place them into different layers once imported into a new project. However, Aseprite won’t allow me to import more than 1 png. I also tried to break them up in my current project, then I tried to assign each part to a separate layer, but that didn’t work either. Is there a way to animate by separating each part you want to animate?

Why didn’t it work to put each body part in a separate layer? That’s how you do it. It can get a bit tricky (or rather just annoying because you need to make more layers) if you need to move something that’s behind the sprite to in front of the sprite but that’s pretty much the only issue.

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You’re right that is how you do it, it was my method that was wrong. I finally got it to work after copying and pasting the body parts into separate designated layers, then erasing the initial layer that contained all the parts. It didn’t work at first, because I tried to duplicate the layer that had all the parts, then erase the ones I didn’t need from each layer.