Animators get at me

hey all,

first time animating by hand. It’s the idle character animation for a personal video game project i’m working on.

Get at me with some constructive criticisms please



I would slow it down a bit, mostly adding more frames between jumps. Other than that, it looks amazing!

The only thing I think could stand for improvement(other than what CrazyNinja said) would be the colors, I love the bounciness of the character, and if there were more shadows towards the bottom and a highlight at the top then I would and darker borders towards the bottom and that (I think) would make this pop!

Another thing, I see you chose a white with a black eye in the middle. If it were me I might choose a different color for the border of the eye(something like red or blue) and add a white highlight to the eye(Or at least add a grey highlight to the one you currently have) to give it a sense of life.

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