Annoying bug where hovering over the top of the app or switching tabs will make the box that appears when highlighting and grabbing invisible

This bug is driving me crazy and Im gonna ditch ase for a while until they fix it. Whenever I try to highlight something using the grab tool, the line that marks where you’re cursor has been previously usually just doesn’t appear. I’ve tried to uninstall the program and reinstall it many times, but it KEEPS HAPPENING. When I do get it to work, whenever I hover over the appilcation window, the top of the page, change tabs, with grab mode on, the marker disappears. This makes the software practically unusable, so I need a fix soon.

And if you are going to ask, I tried restarting my computer, changing the mouse to native, changing all cursor settings, checking for updates, all that. Hell I wouldn’t even be surprised if I had to get my PC blessed with holy water for this damn bug to fix :joy:

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got it to fix becuase for some reason one of my sprites was glitching so it contributed to the whole thing
just had to turn it from indexed to RGB
still needs fix nontheless

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There is a way to reset aseprite maybe try that?

Close Aseprite.
Press the Windows key + R (or Start menu > Run… option). This will show the dialog to run a program. Then you write: %AppData%\Aseprite. And press Enter key.
Delete the files in that folder (mainly aseprite.ini )
Restart Aseprite.