Any extensions/addons for animating?

So I’ve been using Aseprite for a couple of animating things that I do, and as you know, animations have audio in them.
I’ve seen animators that use Aseprite do this, and a couple that I can name are ones like Lumpytouch or people who post their animations on the Steam Community.
Are there any extensions/addons that help with audio in animating on Aseprite? Or, is it an existing feature in Aseprite already?

no, you need compositing / editing software for that. here’s a lumpytouch’s post:

you don’t have to use adobe premiere though, any editor (including free ones) should be fine.

create your animation first, export it as a sequence and then add sound to that - unless you make music video, where the process is reversed and you start with sound instead. in that case you’d need bit more complex workflow.


i think this should be in scripts category

Try KDenlive video editor. It’s free and really good.

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Hi there @abstractWaffle :wave: this is a feature requested several times in the past: Audio support (for lip syncing) · Issue #70 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub

It’s not planned yet, but we’ll see.