Approximate frames between two points


You know the quite common design task of sculpting/drawing a shape and a fruit - and then making x steps of morphing from shape to another? Like how morphing a triangle to a pear would look like with 3 or 5 steps. Done that with clay and drawings so far…

Could you do that but with animation frames and two pictures to start with? Would sort of help to plan how the animation would work when it’s something extreme where the onion peels don’t quite work that well…


Quite sci-fi in bitmap.
Impossible in pixel art.

What you probably mean is something like shape tweens (like in Flash for example), but that is calcuated using vector points and beziers. Pixel art is based on single individual pixels (obviously) and is very sensitive. You can see that even simple manipulations like rotating can and probably will have tragic consequences, especialy in smaller resolutions.

Sorry, but that is not happening:D


Actually Animator Pro had a feature like this. I guess this kind of feature could be useful to create some kind of guidelines, so then you can draw above frame by frame but at least you have a reference for the animation.