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Aseprite v1.2.3 was just released, this is the list of the included changes/fixes:

  • New Edit > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast menu option
  • New Layer > Lock Layers menu option
  • Restored default behavior on “Add to selection” (#1584)
  • Fixed Switch Colors and Eyedropper behavior when the Edit palette mode is enabled
  • Fixed crash using negative numbers in Despeckle filter
  • Fixed problem inserting a digit/character in a text field with one digit/character
  • Fixed “Paint Brush” mode for custom brushes (#1587)
  • macOS: Fixed Left/Right keys to move the selection
  • macOS: Fixed native file selector (don’t show it again if we swich to another window with ⌘Tab)

Aseprite v1.2.4 was just released with these changes:

  • General performance improvements (will be mainly noticeable on macOS, but affects all platforms)
  • Now themes can specify a non-installed TTF font
  • Undo limit options now really works (#1127)
  • Windows 8/10: Added support for Surface Pro pen/eraser + touch gestures (#1595)
  • macOS: Fixed Shift+mouse wheel to scroll horizontally on Timeline (bug report)
  • Fixed several possibilities of random crashes (mainly when the Edit > Undo History window was visible)
  • Minor improvements in the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts dialog

There is a little beta Aseprite v1.2.5-beta1 available on Steam (beta branch), it’s a preview for the next v1.2.5 that will be released next week. Mainly “tiled mode” fixes (still need some work in some areas):

  • Zoom timeline with Ctrl+mouse wheel (or ⌘+mouse wheel)
  • Several fixes for Tiled Mode:
    • Fixed regression bug on v1.2.4
    • Count extra tiles as the canvas size (so we can zoom in on it)
    • Brush preview now works as expected
    • Fixed Gradient tool in tiled mode
  • Fixed exporting new layer blend modes to JSON files

New Aseprite v1.2.5-beta2 in beta branch:

  • Fixed regression dragging colors in Color Bar (#1616)
  • F6 key to switch timeline thumbnails works as expected (#1518)
  • Fixed drawing straight lines with Pencil tool and Shift+right button (discussion)
  • Fixed several issues applying Flip/Rotate commands on range of cels with locked layers (discussion)
  • Fixed #1557, #1610
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Aseprite v1.2.5 released!

  • Keyboard shortcuts changes:
    • Shift+G: Selects the Gradient tool (so now G key selects the Paint Bucket tool only)
    • Ctrl+': Switches the Grid visibility (in previous version it was Shift+G)
    • Ctrl+Shift+': Switches the Pixel Grid visibility (in previous version it was Alt+Shift+G)
  • Fixed possibility to assign same key to several tools (#1460)
  • Fixed Shift+2 keyboard shortcut on macOS (#1604)
  • Fixed some glitches with the Editor crosshair when the brush size popup is open
  • Fixed application icon on Linux/X11
  • New Switch Nonactive Layers Opacity command available to turn on/off this experimental feature (#1515)
  • +All changes in v1.2.5-beta1 and v1.2.5-beta2

Aseprite v1.2.6 released!

  • Adjust scroll correctly when tiled mode is changed (t/785)
  • Fixed random crashes using Sprite > Color Mode menu options (mainly with a theme with a TrueType font)
  • Fixed possible crashes using the undo limit option.
  • macOS: Fixed Shift+2 on English keyboard layout (previous fix works only for Spanish-like layouts)
  • Linux: Fixed crash on CLI mode
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Aseprite v1.2.7 released!

  • Added new File > Export dialog with an Animation Direction option to export Forward/Reverse/Ping-Pong animations automatically (#1505)
  • Added possibility to rotate ellipses and rectangles with Alt key (#868)
  • Added Ctrl+Click (or ⌘+Click) to select the layer (or cel) content in the canvas (#1509), other shortcuts
  • Added Normal Map color wheel (thanks to the initial work of @robinjam)
  • .aseprite is the new default extension for new files, and there is a new option to change it
  • Fixed the Adjust Hue/Saturation formula (#1571)
  • Added HSV colorspace to Adjust Hue/Saturation (#1559)
  • Added options to supress warning dialogs (#917, t/420)
  • Added options to change the number of recent files/folders and clear the list in Edit > Preferences > Files (#578)
  • Now filters like Convolution Matrix, Adjust Hue/Saturation, Replace Color, etc. are applied to the selected range of cels in the timeline
  • Now all message boxes/alert dialogs have the first button as the default one (Enter to confirm, Esc to cancel)
  • Don’t select other layer when clicking over play button (t/989)
  • Fixed incorrect preview using linked cels (#1664)
  • Fixed bug editing hex field on Palette Edit mode (F4 key) (#1632)
  • Fixed bug using Unicode chars in translations files (#1661 thanks to @yuxshao)
  • Fixed bug with certain dimensions of ellipses (#1649 thanks to @yuxshao)
  • Fixed bug copying/pasting RGBA images from Aseprite to other apps like Chrome, Discord, etc. on Windows when the image contains semi-transparent pixels
  • Fixed bug where a .ase might be detected as a .bmp file (#1680)
  • Fixed bug saving files with tags with an empty name (#1675)
  • Now unchecking the Preview button on filters dialogs will show the original image
  • Possible fixes for Windows 10 problems:
    • Saving files when turning off the computer (t/31)
    • Mouse doesn’t respond correctly (t/738, t/906, etc., etc.)
  • Fixed minor bugs (#1648, and some issues with eyedropper)

Today Aseprite v1.2.7.2 with some regression fixes:

  • Fixed crash using –save-as in the CLI (t/1140)
  • Windows 8/10: Fixed a couple of regressions with the new Pointer API:
    • Fixed double-clicking with the mouse
    • Fixed canceling the painting stroke using other mouse button
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Aseprite v1.2.7.3 is available!

  • Windows: Fixed regression pasting screeshots (Print Screen) or
    Chrome images (Right-click > Copy Image) into Aseprite. Also we’ve
    added support for Alpha channel on images copied from Chrome.
  • Windows: Restore mouse input handling as in v1.2.6 (without pointer
    API) because it does more harm that good when using Wacom devices.
  • New options for default extension on File > Export commands (#1683)
  • Add support to create extensions with new languages
    (and an option to change the language from Edit > Preferences > General > Language).

Aseprite v1.2.8 was released!

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