Aseprite files disappear after saving and closing them

This has happened to me multiple times since updating to v1.2.30. Unfortunately I can’t narrow it down to a specific version since prior to that it had been a year or so since the last time I updated Aseprite. This never happened before I updated.

I will be working on a file in Aseprite, save it in the folder where all the rest of my .aseprite files are, see that it successfully saved, and then at some point later the file is gone from the file system (both the OS file system UI and the Aseprite UI). The file is not saved anywhere else on the computer that I can find and it isn’t available in the list of recoverable files. It doesn’t happen to every file but it has happened to around 10-15% of them. I haven’t figured out the conditions for reproducing it yet, but it might be happening more often to files that were duplicated from the file system - i.e. clicking “duplicate” in Finder on an .aseprite file and then opening it to work on it.

It’s been frustrating. The files were definitely saved, and now they have disappeared. It’s happened over multiple days and across multiple different files, and I’ve lost a lot of work. In addition to figuring out what’s going on here, I’d appreciate any tips on finding additional ways to recover the files.

Version: 1.2.30
OS: Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
Computer: Macbook Pro 2015