Aseprite freezes computer after ~30+ minutes of usage

Aseprite seems to love freezing my computer whenever I use it for longer than 30 minutes. It doesn’t seem to happen on my laptop at all, so I assume it might have to do with my PC specs?

I’ve seen other threads concerning this issue and have follow the advice to disable auto-save, “keep closed sprite on memory” and “keep edited sprite data” and from the limited testing I could do, it froze my computer faster than with auto-save on.

Also worth noting, usually when my PC freezes from an application, the reset button on my PC doesn’t work and sound cuts off. Aseprite doesn’t seem to freeze the entire PC, only my screen.

I’ll try experimenting with options to see if there’s a specific option causing this issue.

Hi @Zeesastrous, this is a strange issue. As the problem appears only on your PC, and after using Aseprite for a while, a possible cause could be the RAM. Could you please check your memory? Here I’ve found a guide to do this on Windows: