Aseprite freezes computer at random times

Hi all,
I’ve been having trouble with Asperite crashing/freezing my entire computer. The only way to fix it is to restart my PC. The program works perfectly fine up till the crashes. These crashes happen at completely random times. I’ve tried uninstalling and verifying steam files and have had no luck. Any help? (Windows 10 and up to date Aseprite)

Hi @Noxids, do you have Aseprite v1.2.12.1? Do you have a red flag at the top-right corner? In that case, do you have a .dmp file to share with us at

It’s strange that the whole system crashes. Just in case, do you know what specific version of Windows 10 do you have?

Thanks for the reply, I’m running the most recent version of aseprite and their is no red flag in the corner. My windows 10 is up to date. Im also on a 64-bit operating system if that helps. I’m not sure what a .dmp file is or where to find mine. I’ve also done the ‘Verify Integrity Of Application Files’ thing on steam and it says it all good.

My computer has been a little shitty in the past so that may be the problem