Aseprite fully disfunctional

so. i have aseprite for some months now, and for about a month now all the tools are broken, they absolutely don’t work, it’s like it doesn’t recognize im using it? the cursor appears and i can even attempt to “select area” but it doesn’t work. i went to the discord for help and followed all the instructions the mods gave me, like changing some settings, reseting settingS and unninstalling and installing again but still nothing seems to be working. they’ve said that now it’s out of their expertise to do anything, and i have no clue of how to make it work, HELP!
PS: this applies to both the pen and mouse so it’s not a tablet error.

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Are you using the updated version?

Could you upload a video showing it in action?

Also, it would be very helpful to include what operating system and Aseprite version you’re using.

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yes, i use the steam version and it’s updated

Well, it is quite an odd problem which you are facing. As @thkwznk asked what operating system you are using?