Aseprite v1.2.40 and v1.3-beta21

Hi there Asepriters! Today we’re releasing some important bug fixes and some extra minor features. One of them is the possibility to export tilesets as sprite sheets or export only the selection (in the beta version). Here’s the complete list of changes:

Aseprite v1.2.40

  • Added extended support to BMP files #3277 #1495
  • Request frame duration when opening sequence of static images as animation (thanks to @lampysprites)
  • Fixed scaling Reference Layers after Sprite > Sprite Size #3461
  • Fixed RotSprite transparency bug #3444
  • Fixed scale factor when using the “Export for Twitter” #3465
  • Fixed scrollbar for the Extensions list in Preferences is missing on the first open #3456
  • Windows: Fixed several problems painting with a stylus/pen when a mouse is plugged in #3433
  • Lua API changes

Aseprite v1.3-beta21

  • New File > Export/Import submenus (a work-in-progress of #1252):
    • Added “Area” element to File > Export > Export… to export the selection only #645
    • Added File > Export > Export Tileset menu option to export tilesets #3240
    • Added “Sprite Grid” option to File > Export > Export Sprite Sheet so we can export each grid cell as an individual sprite in the sprite sheet #1982
  • CLI options:
  • Fixed bug where after using Ctrl+Alt+I the brush size changed just moving the mouse #3445
  • Fixed original Ctrl+Alt+mouse movement behavior increasing Brush Size when moving the mouse to the right #3496
  • Fixed possibility to dock/drop tabs to sides/tabs #3453
  • Fixed eyedropper quick tool when preview window is visible #3236
  • Fixed behavior of “Change Tool” action when it’s assigned to modifier + mouse wheel #3459
  • Fixed a random crashes using multiple windows UI #3491 #2907
  • Fixed ability to use Ctrl+Alt to copy selection and snap-to-grid at the same time #3497
  • Lua API changes

Check how to update Aseprite.


Wow! Been looking forward to a new beta release for a while, and is amazing!

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now we just need a way to import it into other aseprite files and we’re done

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oh wait we also need a 90° tile rotate tool, that doest add another tile to the palette, and doest mess with the tile palette

also just noticed the export selection being FINALLY added, i love this program even more now.


How do I use the Beta version? I bought on Steam. In steam, I right click on properties, click on the Beta version and it asks for a code. – Really need that dark theme provided in 1.3.

There is no need to insert a code to select the beta (you can just ignore the code field). I hope it helps!