Auto-export option when saving an aseprite file

Would be nice if there was an option to auto-export to a png or gif, every time you save the aseprite file itself. Either exporting to a specific location, or to the same location of the aseprite file.

Would be make it a bit faster to manage and deal with files, in certain situations.

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A “repeat last export on save” option would be a great time saver when working on game assets, especially if it could be set up to export a spritesheet and not just a regular export.

Yeah, I don’t use sprite sheets, but I know other software does. I imagine it’s probably even slower to have to export sprite sheet each time, and then export that.

I went ahead and wrote a quick script for you that will save your current workspace as is, and as a png!
It’s now part of my script collection on github, Asepritely, and is called Export PNG on Save.lua. You can download just that one, or the whole repo!

There are general instructions on how to use scripts in Aseprite on the readme in that link. But, to use this script as I think you want to, you should bind it to a keyboard shortcut. You can do this by:

  • Clicking Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts
  • In the window that opens, you’ll be in the Menu section, and just toward the bottom, you’ll see any and all scripts you have in your scripts folder listed.
  • Choose the one you want to assign a keyboard shortcut, and set it as you see fit!

I recommend: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S