Background layer breaks transparency in GIF export

I’m not able to export gifs with transparency in if the file has a Background layer which is not included in the export (i.e. if it’s hidden or if layers not including the background layer are selected for export). The areas that should be transparent end up glitchy instead. If the background is deleted or changed into a regular layer, the export works fine.

This is what I get, clearly glitchy:

This is what I expect:


Hi, could I get the .ase file to try things and see if I figure the issue? Maybe the cause is something unrelated to colors, like layers or some obscure program setting.

Here you go!

I removed all the extra frames and unnecessary layers, but this still exports incorrectly. I did notice that if I delete the background layer instead of just hiding it, I get a correct result. The same is true in the original file, even if I leave all the other layers intact, just deleting the background makes the gif export correctly. This definitely seems like a bug to me xP

It’s because your bottom layer is a background layer. Make it visible, then right click it and convert it to a regular layer, and it will work properly.

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This seems like a workaround for a bug to me rather than intended behaviour. If the background is not included in the export, it should not affect the export.

And I just realised I forgot to tag this post as a bug report.


I think that’s a fair expectation tbh.

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Just wanted to mention I struggled with similar glitch today when posted my GIF on Discord. Someone hinted me to convert background to regular layer and it helped.

gif’s are unable to have transparent backgrounds btw

That is incorrect, as evidenced by the example gif in the OP. GIFs can have transparency, and Aseprite can even export such GIFs, it just breaks when there’s a background layer present in Aseprite.