[Bug] Index Tab missing from Color Selection

Im unable to find the Index Tab on the Color Selection in v1.2.13. Pretty certain it was available in v1.2.9.
If there is an advance setting to enable this Index tab, can someone point me to it.

Index Tab in previous versions

Index Tab missing from 1.2.13

Hi @devilsgarage, actually the option wasn’t available on Aseprite v1.2.9.

I don’t know if it was available in some version, but basically some points about it:

  1. The “Index” tab is only available in options like Replace Color etc.
  2. The “Index” tab is not available in the main Foreground/Background color selector because you already have the color bar/palette view at the left side of the screen, so you can use the left/right click to select the foreground/background colors.
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