Bug with text entry of color hex codes

I’m experiencing a bug when entering hex codes for colors in “unlocked” mode. It seems to affect both both RGB and indexed sprites.

My understanding is that in “unlocked” mode, selecting a color in the color palette, then clicking the foreground swatch, will let me edit the color (in a bunch of different ways). The swatch in the palette will then change to my new color.

Typing into the hex code field doesn’t always work. If I’m really fast, it sometimes works on the first shot. Subsequent attempts to edit the same color, or any other color, by typing hex codes start to include 0’s (that I’m not typing) and then pretty soon anything I type gets changed to “ffffff”. Aseprite crashed once after I messed around with this a lot.

What works:

All the other ways of changing colors (moving the sliders, typing in the RGB, HSL, etc. field.) function as I expect them to. Copying and pasting into the hex field works correctly. I can edit the “background” swatch by typing in hex codes.

I’m using the latest beta (v1.2-beta11). I’ve got 1.1.13 on another computer and typing into the hex code field works there.