Build from source on windows never ends

I tried to follow the instructions here:
Aseprite/ v.1.2.21

When i run ninja aseprite
i end up with this:

And this stays there for about 20 mins until i closed the terminal. It did not showed any errors or what so ever aside from the /LTCG warning.

I decided to remove it, went to build folder and edited build file removing all /LTCG.

Now, I tried it again but still the same thing. Its stuck, aside from the /LTCG warning no longer there.
And its about 20 mins doing nothing. it doesnt spit any errors but it seems its stuck already.

I have VIsual Studio Community 2019 v.16.6.2
and I used the pre-built skia library.

Any idea why this gets stuck on that part?