Can I reload a script that I'm debugging without restarting Aseprite?

I’d like to create a script to run in Aseprite. From the docs I’ve read, it looks like scripts are loaded from your Aseprite/scripts directory when the Aseprite launches. I could not find any other way to load or reload scripts, and having to restart Aseprite every time I make a change to my code is going to make it really hard to debug. I also didn’t see anything about where any error messages would be printed.

What options does Aseprite have for debugging?

Hi @blackears, actually scripts are loaded from disk each time you execute them, so you can make changes to your scripts and test it. The only issue is that the File > Scripts menu is created at the very beginning, so if you add a new script, that’s when you will have to restart Aseprite. But then, if you make changes to your script, you can just select the menu option in File > Scripts > Your script and test the change.

About debugging, there is to integrated debugger yet, you can use the print() function to show some information in Aseprite to test what is happening on each line. Not optimal but it’s the best what we have at the moment :cry: