Can some windows remember there last position please?

I use Aseprite 2 weeks now and it works great. It is perfect for creating my game art and tilesets. While working with Aseprite some tiny wishes came up:
I placed the timeline left (between palette and picture). I have a LOT of layers containing tile snippets. The layer names are 8-char tilecodes composed with the letters [01_] to define the situation when the snippets are needed. I save 1…4 snippet into one png-file (a tile) and reuse the layer name in the tiles filename.
Every save-as-action i need to resize/move right the save-as-dialog to see the timeline and within the layers tilemask.
I wish, there would be a option to memorize the last dialog/window position. This option could be placed in edit/pteferences and/or as a checkbox inside the dialog.

Thank you.