Character Idle Anim

I wanted to take an old NES era game character and update him to 16 bit, and I think I did a decent job. I don’t know as this is only my second ever animation. Lol. He is a certain vampire hunter from a certain vampire hunting sequel on the NES. :upside_down_face:



If it were me I would change the hair color a bit to make more contrast and maybe smooth the joints movements(like arms and legs) and push the boots a bit more down when he leans.
It looks like the arm position of the opposite side is different… does this character have different glove/arm pieces? If so I don’t see why the shoulder pad needs changed. Anyway really impressive and could definitely work in its current state!

Well, I only used 16 colors(15 if you don’t count the alpha color), so the color of the hair had to be the same as the gold of the armor to fit into the limited palette. I really wanted to do a different color for the hair also, but alas…

Yes. He does have different arms. His right arm has a pauldron and gauntlet, his left arm only an arm band and a glove. Kind of a callback to Simon’s look from Super Castlevania IV.

Thats really nice. Might want to may try to do a bit of a hi-light on the upper leg so it reads a bit clearer, but that’s real minor. Nice and lots of detail in a small sprite size.