Cola Bottle from 1930's

My first post! This is a Coca Cola bottle from the 1930’s. :cup_with_straw:
Fun Fact: Coca Cola’s only cost 5 cents back in the day.


That art’s pretty awesome :3
My only critique is that the edge above the logo looks sharper than it should be, and that’s due to the 1-pixel wide edge at the sides. If you make it 2 pixels, it will look more like a shape in the glass, rather than something you can cut your finger on.
Fun fact: due to inflation, those 5 cents from 1930 are equivalent to $0.83 today.

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That’s a good point! Thanks for the feedback @BloodRaven0. And I’m glad you liked the piece :sunglasses::grin:. Wish we could still buy a cola for $0.05. Or even $0.83 today.

I think it’s more like $4.17

I really like it a lot. the colors blend very well.