Cola Bottle from 1930's

My first post! This is a Coca Cola bottle from the 1930’s. :cup_with_straw:
Fun Fact: Coca Cola’s only cost 5 cents back in the day.


That art’s pretty awesome :3
My only critique is that the edge above the logo looks sharper than it should be, and that’s due to the 1-pixel wide edge at the sides. If you make it 2 pixels, it will look more like a shape in the glass, rather than something you can cut your finger on.
Fun fact: due to inflation, those 5 cents from 1930 are equivalent to $0.83 today.

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That’s a good point! Thanks for the feedback @BloodRaven0. And I’m glad you liked the piece :sunglasses::grin:. Wish we could still buy a cola for $0.05. Or even $0.83 today.

I think it’s more like $4.17

I really like it a lot. the colors blend very well.

This is incredible! What size did you use for it?

Looking at the image each pixel of the enlarged image seems to be around six pixels wide so 1/6 of the entire image which would be 180x180. It does not shrink down well though because of how it has been upscaled