Colour preferences issue!

If that topic was opened before you can direct me there otherwise I need some help figuring out colour preferenceses in all ways. I got no idea what to set for “Window colour profile” things like that. Like you see I’m a qualified noob.

As far as I know the color profile settings mainly matter on macOS. I just have them disabled, but I’ve also set up my Windows color profile for sRGB.

I think something like this is right otherwise, but not 100% sure.


Hi there! For some information about color profiles, you can check this page:

The “Window Color Profile” is a recent option that I’m not sure if it’s working correctly on Windows (on macOS it does, but on Windows I cannot test it properly). As @KashouC said, based on other users experience, the best option is selecting sRGB on Windows there (if you have multiple monitors, it shuold work just fine using sRGB there).

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