Continous frames

How to put continous frames? I just don’t really get it, I made a background and make some frames, then make a new layer and… if I click continous option idk what more i have to do, i don’t know how to “link” the frames and make them continous

I hope these two pages might help you out:

I see, only affects future operations so I have to create layers and define if it’s continous or not and work like that? There’s no other option? If i have a work with more frames and i want to make a new continous layer, what can I do?

Those were two separate links, it looks like you only clicked the second one. As per the first link, you can select existing cels in a layer and link them, overriding any existing data in them. When you create a new layer in an image that already has frames, you can do this to make everything in it linked.

I finally got it!! Thxx, my problem was when i clicked to link cells I just don’t have anything draw in that cells :3