Control numerical values with arrow keys

This is a small feature that i’d love to see in Aseprite:

While a numerical window is active (brush size, canvas dimensions, rotation angle etc…), besides from typing, the numerical value can be also changed using up/down arrow keys (increments/decrements of 1), optionally holding shift (increments/decrements of 10)

Now there’s two possible approaches to this:

1. When using arrows with shift, always increase by 10 no matter what. This is standard behavior in Adobe Photoshop.

2. When using arrows with shift, the value is increased by 10, unless the current number is not divisible by 10. In that case it is rounded up first. This is standard behavior in Affinity Photo.

I personally wouldn’t mind which option would be chosen, this decision is up to David of course. But in my opinion, since this is pixel art we’re talking about, where precision matters and our units are individual pixels, I’d suggest the former, Photoshop approach. The optimal solution is of course to let the user adjust this in settings.

Whichever way, for creators like myself who are used to these controls, this would be a very useful and appreciated addition.


A semi-relevant comment from two weeks ago: 100% instead of 256? - #7 by Enol

As far as I know, layer opacity is one of the only numerical values in Aseprite that can be only controlled with a handle. As these features are closely related, I think they could be done together.

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