Cropping doesn't discard non-selected pixels

Aseprite installer, v1.3.6-x64 in Windows and installer, v1.3.6-arm64 on MacOS.

Cropping a sprite doesn’t discard the pixels that are outside of the crop bounderies. As can be seen in the attached GIF I made:

You can actually move the cropped image and see the pixels that you cropped out getting into the canvas. I also checked the ‘Trim’ option but it has the same issue.

Not sure if this is by design, but if so then there should be an option to crop a sprite while cutting-off everything that is outside of the crop selection, just like in Photoshop and other drawing applications.

Hi @goldeng, there is an option in the Sprite > Canvas Size to do this:

Anyway probably we could add this same option for the Sprite > Crop in the Preferences, or Sprite > Canvas Size could start in the selection bounds to match the Crop behavior.

Other alternative is to add post-command options: Modify last command parameters / post-command params · Issue #2324 · aseprite/aseprite · GitHub
E.g. After the Crop we could show an temporary button to trim the content outside the canvas.

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Other possibility I’m thinking of is to offer this option in the Save and Export dialog, when some content outside of the canvas is detected.

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