Cursor "de-sync" between Mouse and Pen Display Causing Issues

Hello! I’m having issues with my pen display and Aseprite, and I just wanted to gauge whether or not other users had this same issue. I’m not well versed in computer terminology, so there might already be an open issue for this that I haven’t found because I’m not sure what to look up.

Thanks in advance, and apologies if this is a redundant issue! Please direct me to a thread if you know of one where this has already been discussed/addressed if it exists.

USING: Huion Kamvas 16 (2021), Windows 10, Aseprite 1.3 Beta (Steam Version)

Something is causing my cursor location to “de-sync” when using my pen display in Aseprite. Every so often, the eyedropper tool, zoom level hotkeys, and the blending tool all start to behave abnormally and unpredictably (icon shifts rapidly, zoom origin feels random, other things) - This happens about once every 10 minutes. Every time this happens, I’ll move my PC’s mouse and the cursor will appear on a completely different part of Aseprite’s canvas than where my pen’s cursor was just located. The desynced cursor location is usually in the lower right hand of the window. After moving my PC’s mouse, the issue resolves and all tools behave normally for another short period.

Windows ink is disabled in my pen display’s driver software, as I saw similar threads of people solving similar issues by doing this. Disabling Windows Ink hasn’t really solved the issue for me, sadly.

I haven’t really pinpointed the context of exactly what causes the de-sync to happen, but my workflow frequently involves changing the zoom level, using the blend tool, and sampling colors from my piece. I also the HSV/ color picker window as a floating window, not just in the toolbar.

Thanks again!