Dither gradient celebrations topic!

Not long now until we have possibly THE most anticipated feature of aseprite! I’m looking forward to doing some Mark Ferrari skies with it, what’s everyone else’s plans on World Dither Day?


World dither day is a thing?

Sure it will help me in some cases although I do not use it too much, it seems too exploited !.

I mean this mode of dithering

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:blush: I think @Elvisish is waiting for the next Aseprite v1.2-beta10 release day which will include this feature.

It’s such a thing, I’m more excited for it than an eclipse!

Oooh, I needed this feature today!

I’m hoping the beta will happen this week! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

will be waiting for this :heart_eyes: ,Why I’m not realize about this topic,this is very great news for me.

:smile: Working right now in a final feature asked by https://twitter.com/cyangmou, after that there are a couple of details to check/review.

The new version is available: https://twitter.com/aseprite/status/878360073457647616 :smile_cat:


Oh wow it’s WONDERFUL!! Better than I could have ever dreamed, and I’ve been waiting 2 years for it!! :smiley: :smiley:
This is a 10 second test, but it just proves how dither can make even the most banal of beaches look like classy atari-style art! :astonished: :open_mouth:


That looks great!! :relaxed: I think gradients will be a great new tool for inspiration too, mainly because all the ways to combine different gradients with dithering.

Hi, is there any documentation on how to add my own custom dithering?

Not at the moment, but you can use the bayer matrices extension as an example (then create a zip with your own package content and add it from Edit > Preferences > Extensions > Add Extension).

I have shared an experimental extension with other matrices in this discussion.

Thanks, I’ll try it as soon as I can.