"Edit Adjustments" Affecting All Layers When Highlighting

The “Edit Adjustments” function is affecting all the lawyers when it used to only affect one (when highlighting). Is this a setting or something? Thanks!

Hi Michael, this problem you are experiencing could be related to two extra options that affects which layers/frames are modified when you apply an effect:

  1. The “Selected” / “All” button: Replace Color: Where is the "Apply to all frames in the active layer" button? - #3 by dacap
  2. The selected range of cels/frames/layers in the timeline: If you select a layer, a frame, or several cels, the effect (hue/saturation) will be applied to the all cels in the layer or frame (or multiple selected cels) respectively.
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the first option worked - thanks.

your software is incredible, well done!

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