Eraser does not erase

Hello, good evening, does anyone know why I’m not even trying with the 2 mouse buttons? Even choosing white does not work. Thank you

Hi @BrunoB, how are you trying to erase? You can erase with the Eraser tool (E key).

In case that you want to erase with the right mouse button, you have to configure it in the Preferences: Aseprite - Docs - Right-click (by default Aseprite allows you to paint with two different colors depending on the mouse button you press).

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Hi i try it like this

Wow! Seems it worked! :slight_smile:

Hello back, now I tried it again but it doesn’t delete, why is it? I checked the settings and it is configured to delete with the right button.
My layers are unlocked and visible.

In the background layer the eraser will paint with the background color.