Experiment with very lowres and very low bitcount #2

Random theme of today: a joypad.
This drawing uses a CGA 0 LOW palette and a native resolution of 192x120 pixels.
Very difficult palette to work with.

first off good thing you’re trying to do that using low count palletes can greatly benefit your pixelart
second thing the handles are way too detailed compared to the rest, it doest relly need that much, and the butoms are to low on detail compared to the center buttom and dpad

one thing to took off from here is try to balance the amount of detail in the entire piece so things fit together better

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Thank you very much for the advices.
I would have tried also a bit of dithering for creating shadows in the lower parts, but with with only 4 colors at disposal I decided to not use it as it can confuse the image.
When I will experiment in next days with 4bit or more palettes, surely i will add dithering and maybe edge anti-aliasing.