Export Image with gridlines

I am an amateur indie game dev that has recently gone full time development and I often find myself taking screenshots from my Aseprite screen in order to keep the grid.

The thing is that I do lots of 2D grid based game codding and it has a lot to do with coordinates. I love Aseprite, it is simply brilliant, and I think that this feature would really improve the general aspect of the tool by giving people an option to keep their workplace aesthetics and improve technical development speed.

I understand that the final image would have to be re scaled and that quality would be lost for the addition of the grid. But that would be isn’t a problem when you just need the gridlines for support on vector code calculations.

Hi Somar,

I think I don’t fully understand the requested feature, can’t you simply create a layer with a grid painted by yourself in it?

Oh, of couse I can, but I could simply have an option to export the image with the grids as I see in the editor.