Feature request: Layer tags

Yesterday I bought Aseprite and I really love it so far! Great job!
I am currently creating a 2D platformer game and I’m working on one of the main characters.

The character currently has a 8-frame idle animation and a couple of different layers for the body, face, hair, clothes etc. Now I want to create the second main character using parts of the sprite from the first one. No problem, I can just copy-paste layers and modify them.

What I would really love is to be able to tag layers and quickly switch between them. For example, I have the following layers and (in bold) the tags. Let’s assume the untagged layers are shared between both characters:

  • [Player 1] Hair (front)
  • [Player 2] Hair (front)
  • Face
  • [Player 1] Shirt
  • [Player 2] Shirt
  • [Player 1] Pants
  • [Player 2] Pants
  • [Player 1] Shoes
  • [Player 2] Shoes
  • Body
  • [Player 1] Hair (back)
  • [Player 2] Hair (back)

I hope I explained it in a clear way using the example. What I don’t mean is grouping like how it currently is (using a folder) because it doesn’t allow layers in between the layers within this folder.

Also, with tagging, you can possibly have specific layers use multiple tags.

Welcome @Moonlight! Actually something was written about in the past, about the possibility to create layer sets. It would be nice to add this feature in some future v1.3.x version.

Ah, I see! Glad to hear this subject has been brought up earlier!
Seeing this feature in the future would make my work a lot easier!

Thank you for your quick reply, and I’ll eagerly await the day it is implemented!