Feedback/Questions from First Time CLI User


I have been delving into the CLI for the first time to export various layers into separate PNGs, and I ran into some issues (bugs?) and found some features to be missing (?). So I thought I’d make a singular post about them.

For some context, I am creating a (top-down) signpost with signs pointing in all directions. I want to export each layer (a singular sign) based on their layer name.

1) Bug/Help: Using --save-as {layer}.png always includes FrameNumber
After figuring out how to export my layers in to separate files, I noticed that the preview kept including the framenumber in the name as well. I’m unsure whether this is a bug or a feature, but I would very much like the option to ignore the framenumbers, especially if I have manually selected to only export a singular frame.

Here is the command I was using: "Online Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Aseprite\Aseprite.exe" -b -p --frame-range 2,2 --layer "DirectionalSigns" "Main Savespace\Crumble Of Civilizations\Crumble Of Civilizations (godot)\Aseprite Files\Buildings\Human\WoodenSignpost\WoodenSignpost.aseprite" --save-as {layer}.png

And this is what the preview showed.

2) Bug/Help: --Layer does not seem to exclude not selected layers
--layer "DirectionalSigns" does not only allow for the exporting of all the signs, but also for the other layers (Pole, Top, Shadow). That seems to contradict the documentation, at least in my eyes. Perhaps I should add commands to ignore the other layers, but I should expect that selecting a specific group or layer would only export that group or layer, just like it would work in the UI options of Aseprite Exporting.

3) Feedback/Help: No documentation on export/save path?
Maybe I looked over something, but I couldn’t find any documentation on how to export the PNGs to a specific folder. I’m sure it must be possible, but I couldn’t find anything here: Aseprite - Docs - Cli

4) Help: Export specific area/grid of file
Something I would like to be able to do, is to specify a grid coordinate or part of the sprite that should be exported. Not sure if that is currently possible, but for this specific case all the signs fit within a 64x64 grid, and exporting the whole 128x128 sprite would be a bit wasteful. Does someone know if there is a way to do this?

5) Feedback: Unclear frame-range documentation
Something small that I was missing about the frame-range documentation is whether the frame-range from, to starts at 0 or at 1. If I only want to export the first frame, should I write frame-range 0, 0 or frame-range 1, 1?

6) Feature Request: Export Lowercase Option
Really a bit of a far-fetched request, but I would personally like an option to export the name in full lowercase, even if the tags or layers are written with Uppercase characters. Probably something I should just keep in mind while setting up my files, but I thought I’d write it down. Perhaps other users share the need for this.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,