File Layers for Asesprite with indexed support (File Layers are layers which contains a reference to a file on another location, and is rendered within the software, and they auto-reload when software is being used again)

This is something that Adobe Photoshop has, and Krita has (Smart Object in Photoshop, and File Layer in Krita), but it would be useful for Asesprite because it enables non-pixel artists who have no concept of skill to make pixel art have easier time to develop pixel art. It also useful to import several different assets and preview how they might look like. And then, there’s also enabling faster time developing high detailed art similar to those of ProwlerGFX and many other Grafx2 artists because with file layers, and with the aid of software with much higher color depth support, you are able to dither with those softwares while avoiding doing the dithering all by hand, and with effects that these softwares offer. Even for non-pixel artists with a interest into quickly making pixel art i.e “cheating”, this would benefit pixel artists doing pixel art as a passion because they can work with one document, and place object within scene.

What are your thoughts on this?