First few sprites (advice welcomed!)

spent my first 2 hours using a pictionary word generator and trying random 16x16 sprites :stuck_out_tongue:


advice very much welcomed ! im not really much of an artist and still learning basics on hue shifting and stuff but just thought id document my first few sprites here to see future progress :slight_smile:

You are over detailing quite a lot, sometimes in pixel art you will need to add more detail to something(like in the diamond there its very on point), but this kind of over rendering can be quite harmful, especially at the beggining, it can muddle the shape of things, and make them feel different, the worst offenders here being the crab, stargish, leaf and boulder, the colors are so close together and theres os much they just melt into each other.

When you are starting out i recommend you to stick to 4-5 colors per sprite, basically a single ramp per sprite, using a pre made small palette(like 24 colors or under) can also help quite a lot in this, it will feel very restricted at first, but it will grown onto you, that i can guarantee, aseprite comes with a few good palettes, but you can always pick something you fancy in Lospec.

Outside of that, these are pretty good for first sprites, i see some banding but only a single jaggie, good work

here are some learning resources, i recommend checking it out
Pixel Joint Forum: The Pixel Art Tutorial
Pixel Joint Forum: COLORING β€œI dont get it”
Dithering for Pixel Artists

welcome to pixel art bro.