For my next game

An aqueduct I’m finishing for my next game.
I use the Master system palette.



Like the lighting effect :laughing:,cool man

Very nice. I can see it’s tileable too.

Thanks for commenting!, it’s tileable, I made some tiles to avoid a little repetitions.

Wow its awesome, Keep it up! (Y)

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Have you got a devlog for the game? I wanna see :smiley:

Tengo un blog en el que escribo de vez en cuando.
De momento el juego está parado hasta terminar mi actual proyecto aunque voy anotando las ideas que se me ocurren para el juego.

El blog es en español, tendrás que traducirlo con translator si quieres leerlo en tu idioma.

I have a blog where I write from time to time.
At the moment the game is stopped until I finish my current project although I’m writing down the ideas that come to mind for the game.

The blog is in Spanish, you will have to translate it with a translator if you want to read it in your language.

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