Frame Count for Selected Frames in Status Bar

Hey everyone,

My request is to add a counter for the selected frame range to the status bar. For example, if I selected a range (via frame or cel selection) from frame 9 to frame 21, a count metric would display somewhere in the status bar—see my mock up for reference.

I’m sure there are other use cases, but would be specifically useful for me whenever I’m trying to figure out the correct timing when I’m moving things from one spot of the canvas to another. I know this is achievable with simple math (a-b+1), but it does add a tiny amount of uncomfortable overhead when I’m in a flow. Also, the seconds counter is already a help in this regard—this would just get me that extra quarter-mile!


+1, I quite often find myself counting frames or calculating animation lengths to figure out timing and tweens.


i dont animate but that seems only fair since we alredy get so muhci nformation on doing only a line, and that doest seem too difficulty to implement probaaly.