Frame rate of certain frames doesn't apply on export?

Hey there, I’m working on an animation, my constant frame rate is set to 60, but there’s a small group of frames which have their frame rate set to 10. This frame rate difference doesn’t seem to apply when I export the animation as a gif, resulting the frame rate to be 60 throughout the entire animation. I really need to speed those frames up, any idea how?

A frame duration of 20 is the lowest you can use for gifs. I don’t know why though.

Well, I guess 20 works, thank you for the help!

20ms (0.02s, 50fps) is the lowest frame duration that will be displayed correctly in most browsers.

The gif format specifies time in 1/100s of a second (so 10ms is the lowest it can go), I suspect browsers only allow a minimum of 20ms as a performance optimization, as they render at 60fps (16ms), so 20ms is the closest thing to that, showing every frame without skipping any. If they rendered every 10ms frame as 10ms, then they’d be skipping 40% of those frames due to the incompatible framerates (the minimum duration makes for 100fps), resulting in a choppy-looking animation. Or something like that, I guess. I’ve never seen a rationale for the limitation.