FX > Outline tool Quirk

I’m using v1.2.25 of Aesprite and noticed an odd quirk with the Outline tool.

When I use Edit > FX > Outline on a specific cell, the outline is applied to all frames and layers (regardless of cells being unlinked).

I’ve included a link to a test file below for quick testing of this behavior.

I’m hoping this isn’t the intended behavior and that it’s just me, but I figure it’s worth pointing out.

Hi @Blue it’s highly probable that you have the “All” button selected, check this post:

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@dacap: That was certainly my issue. I don’t recall selecting that button before, but that could just be my bad memory. I appreciate your help.

Speaking of that button, is there a reason the preview only displays the selected cell with an outline as opposed to all cells when ALL is selected?

There might be a bug too (or the button be switched by mistake).

It’s kind of a bug/feature/limitation thing (at the moment, given the internal structure of the code, we can show the preview of just one layer at a given time), in the future we’ll try to improve this.

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I just noticed that when I switch between Selected and All, the change is made in all other dialog boxes with this button as well. That’s probably where the change took place.

I wonder if having an option in the settings to choose whether All or Selected is highlighted by default in all dialog boxes would help to mitigate some of the issue for users like myself (unless this already exists and I just missed it entirely).

Regardless, you’ve been incredibly helpful @dacap, thank you. :smiley: