Gas Giant & Earth Analogue (Based off SLYNYRD)

I think I got most of the instructions right, my problem though is, I can’t do things like the swirly lines or the clouds, especially on such small figures, or keep track of where they are for new lighting

Got any advice?

Overall I think you got the idea of how to make them. If you added a bit more shading for the clouds on the darker sides of the planets that might make it look better. Another option if you have the white clouds on a separate layer (which I would suggest so you can edit them independently) is to make it interact with the layers underneath by turning the layer mode into an overlay.

Those clouds are SLYNYRD’s clouds, I can’t do those same strokes

The third below is my “clouds”

I had a similar problem with the gas giants, can’t do the same strokes as the bigger one SLYNYRD’s got