Generated palette always 14 colors no matter what I do

Hello. I’m trying to convert a .png I made in Krita to a smaller palette using the generate palette option, but no matter what number of colors I choose, it always converts it to a palette of 14 colors. The image originally had 49 colors, and I tried generating a palette with different color counts (24, 32, 30, etc.) but no matter what palette size I set, it always generates a palette of 14 colors, and then it looks awful indexed. I wonder if it has something to do with how Krita exported the image, since Gimp is actually doing the same thing, generating a much smaller palette than I told it to, only Gimp looks to be generating an even smaller palette. I’m using Aseprite verson 1.2.8 64bit under Windows 10.

Edit: I just remembered, I actually edited the image in Gimp and overwrote the .png after creating it in Krita, if that information is of any help.