Hello any Tips, Thougths to Help Improve?


As the title says, I really want to improve. I dont know if I need to work on my colors (I know the background is really simple) or there is any notable thing you guys want to tell me. I would really appreciate it, Thanks :smile:

Edit: Forgot to tell that this is just a simple recreation just for fun!!!

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This looks fun! The left guy looks kinda strange and the muscles are not defined in a way that makes them look purposefully designed. another problem is that the shadows are not constant between the two characters(For example the axe points to the top right while Roy’s shadow faces to the left)I think the dithering on the UI is too much(at least in my opinion) and just so you know the background works well, one thing that would make the background just a tad better however is a depth line to show how the farther it goes it isn’t the same plane anymore. Other than that Roy looks amazing and

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Hello, here is my First Answer, because I New here!
Many People dont know, but Aktually, you can Draw it on a Grafik Paper and see some more Improvement!
(Aktually you dont need even Good n Drawing for just Pixelgrafik. Just too see what you can better on this. Like only the Form. Etc. )

in my opinion I would add a raccoon tail to the bandit hat (although this is more of an idea for a new enemy ,poacher" for example it will be all in the skin of bears or rare foxes for example)

For colors I typically get references in real world - then I choose the closest colors to the palette I’m working with. If you want to improve the background, I would have your hills in the far back getting close to the sky (atmospheric color) Choose something between the sky color and have it gradually get to the bright green color you have where they are standing.

Here is what I’m referring to with something I designed so you can see what I’m referring to - the further back the more you want to blend it to the environment- You don’t need to go extreme like I did - I did mine for rain and fog.