Holding shift after creating a line crashes the program

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’m just being stupid, but after I create a line using brush + shift the program crashes if I press shift again.
It happens every single time.

Did you compile using the third party “Aseprite Tool”? I noticed multiple users in the Discord with this problem had used that tool. Compiling according to the official instructions resolved the issue.

I’m pretty sure i followed the official instructions correctly, I’ll try compiling again, maybe I missed a step.

Make sure you use the right version of Skia. Beta 7 and the stable release use different versions. Choose the correct tag from the dropdown on the top left of install.md

Hi @PixelatedStuff, please check what commit did you compile, because a fix was just pushed in these days (maybe yesterday). It was a temporal bug in the repository.

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