How can I delete an unused tile in my tileset?

Just starting to use the new tilemap feature in the beta. It’s really powerful and useful. However, I had a question:

How can I delete an unused tile in my tileset? Currently, when I try to delete it, it seems like it messes with all the other tiles most likely because the tile index has shifted.

Is there a way to delete tiles from the tileset without this issue?

Hi @kccha, after selecting the unused tiles from the palette menu:


You can use the Edit > Delete menu option (or press Del key) to delete them, and finally use the “Remap Tiles” button to match old tiles with the new indexes (this button only appears after an operation that can require rematching of tiles):


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Awesome! The remapping tiles is what I needed thank you! :grinning:

However, I wasn’t able to get the “Select->Unused Tiles” to work. When I clicked it, it just cleared my current selection.

That usually means all the tiles were used. Did you perhaps have some tiles that looked the same, and that’s what was deleted when you Remapped Tiles?

Apologies, for the late reply. It seems to be working now.